Youtube Seo – How To Rank Youtube Videos like a Pro

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Youtube Seo: How To Rank Youtube Videos like a Pro

Proper youtube seo techniques is very important if your goal is to rank your content on the first pages of Google and Youtube. In this video I give some helpful Youtube seo tricks and show you how to rank Youtube videos.

Youtube Seo does not have to be complicated. In fact it is a pretty simple process if you know how to go about it.

Here are the Youtube Seo tips I give throughout the video

0:20 Youtube Seo Tip #1: Frequency matters: Publish your videos as much as you can. This doesn’t mean that you have to publish every single day. Be you want to be consist ant

0:58 Youtube Seo Tip #2: Research! You want to do keyword research before making any video. That way you don’t waste your time. Long tail keywords are good – hint (put keyword in the title, first line of description, and tags. Custom thumbnail as well

Not sure how to do Keyword Research? No Problem! Check out my video:

2:40 Youtube Seo Tip #3: Interaction: Ranking Youtube videos requires plenty of Interaction. It ss key to getting videos to rank fast. Like, comments, shares. Also engage with audience

3:00 Youtube Seo Tip #4: Backlinks are VERY IMPORTANT. Get backlinks by posting your vidoes on other social media and authority sites or by using paid products. There are a variety of programs that do this for you. However it can be worth the investment

Follow these Youtube Seo tips and tricks to get your videos up and running on that number one page!

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