Your Blog Won’t Get Traffic Unless You do This

Your blog won’t get traffic unless you do this. Did you know there are over 1 billion blogs? Just for a moment, think about that. It means that there’s roughly one blog for every 7.5 people. Do we really need more content? At the. Do we really need more blogs? No, not really. And no matter what’re blogging about these days, it’s super competitive. Just think of it this way, there are over 1.2 billion results for the term auto insurance, just in the United States.



Now, if you had to guess how many people do you think are searching for the term auto insurance within the United States each month? It’s 165,000 people a month. To put that in perspective, there are roughly 7,272 times more results than searches. And that’s just like every other topic on the web. It’s been beaten to death and no one cares for another auto insurance blog post.

So how do you get traffic to your blog when most things have already been written on? Because let’s face it, no one wants to read the same old stuff over and over again. You have to be fresh and no, I’m not saying that you have to create content that no one has ever written on before. Instead, I’m saying that you have to present the same old information in a new way.

For example, everyone already knows how fast a cheetah can run, so there’s nothing new there. But have you seen that information presented like this? Just look at that beautiful, animated graphic. Have you ever seen data presented like that?

Now, granted, if you can create content that’s new, it hasn’t been written on before and you think people will crave it, by all means, do that. And you should focus on that. But for a large chunk of your content, realistically, it’ll be on topics that people are already familiar with and have been written on before and what you’ll need to do is present that in a new way like that cheetah infographic or in any other format that people haven’t seen before. If you do that, you’ll get more back links, you’ll get the social shares, you’ll get more traffic.

Another blog that’s a great example of this is the Oatmeal. Years and years ago they started doing interactive infographics, quizzes, like how would you survive against a T-Rex when you’re chained to a bunk bed? It’s kind of crazy. No one really would be in that realistic scenario cuz T Rexes don’t exist anymore, but nonetheless, that’s fresh content.

Again, it doesn’t have to be new, it just has to be presented in a new way. and if you do that, you’ll get the back links, you’ll get the social shares, you’ll get tones of viral traffic cause everyone will be talking about it and you’ll start noticing that your blog will become more popular . And when you can, of course, write on new stuff that no one has ever heard or seen before.

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How the Internet Has Changed the Concept of Marketing

The concept of marketing has changed significantly since the early days of mass media. While traditional marketing focused on print, radio and television, the rise of the internet revolutionized the way people communicate with brands. In today’s digital world, marketing efforts use websites, social media, apps and search engines to reach a broader audience. The technology used in modern marketing also incorporates two-way interaction and customer feedback. Listed below are some ways to create a winning strategy.

Pay-per-click advertising. Paid advertising lets marketing teams buy traffic to their websites. They place advertisements on sites and search engines, then pay the publisher for each click. These ads often appear near the top of search results, and their price is determined by how much a marketing team is willing to bid for a certain keyword. Banner ads, on the other hand, are usually priced based on their placement on websites and in search engines. Using paid advertising, marketers can target their audiences more effectively, but the cost can be quite high if they’re trying to reach a specific demographic.

Content marketing combines storytelling and information sharing in a variety of forms, including blog posts, social media updates, email campaigns, and podcasts. Regardless of the medium, the content must be valuable to consumers. It’s about building trust with your customers, and it can lead to many sales in the long run. If used properly, content marketing can help you increase sales and improve your company’s reputation in a more efficient way. So, what should you be making content-driven marketing campaigns?

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