Why Your Content Gets ZERO Attention and Traffic (Even When It’s Fully SEO-Optimized)

Are you tired of writing content that doesn’t get read? Well, who wouldn’t be? But, do you want to fix it? Of course you do and I’m going to teach you how. Today, I’m going to break down why your content gets zero attention and traffic, even when it’s fully SEO-optimized.

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A study by Ahrefs showed that 90.63% of content gets no traffic from Google. Think about that, that’s one out of 10 pages that are getting traffic, nine out of 10 pages are getting no traffic. That’s a lot of content that’s getting no traffic, and there are a few reasons why your content is getting noticed. And there’s a few reasons why your content isn’t getting noticed. So, let’s go into each of the reasons.

Reason number one, you’re targeting only head terms and keywords, because if you only target those big popular terms, you’re not going to get that much traffic.

Start targeting variations of these longer tail keywords as well. Great example of this is, how to get more followers on Instagram? How to get more Instagram followers? You see there? One was, how to get more Instagram followers? And one was, how to get more followers on Instagram?

So, when you do variations of these, and you build up those topic clusters or content clusters, to support your overall authority around those bigger topics and head terms, you’re going to start ranking better, and that’s how you compete with the Wikipedias of the world.

Now, reason number two, optimizing for search engines instead of visitors. Look, no matter how much time you spend optimizing your on-page SEO, even making sure your content contains all the keywords that you’re targeting, the long tail ones, the head terms, the variations of them, that just won’t work if your content doesn’t help people.

So, even if you put together the best content piece around the iPhone 13, and teaching people how to use it and all the features, that doesn’t really mean you’re going to get any traffic to it. People are just really looking in most cases to just buy iPhone 13.

Reason number three, you’re not doing contextual internal linking. When you write content in certain area, let’s say you’re blogging about marketing, chances are there are plenty of opportunities for you to internal link to other content piece on your website. Let’s say for example that I’m writing an article about social media marketing, and you also have another page on Instagram marketing.

Now, if I had to fudge in Instagram marketing into my social media marketing article and it doesn’t really fit, then I wouldn’t do it, but you already know Instagram is social media, so it should fit.

Reason four, your page doesn’t have enough backlinks. Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking signals and Google takes it into account when serving users with search results. It’s just like a presidential election, the more votes the president gets, the more likelier to win. The similar way happens with the web.

The more backlinks the page has, the more organic traffic it gets from Google. You should focus on creating content that has the potential to naturally attract backlinks and keep working on your link building efforts over time.

Reason five, your content isn’t evergreen. Not every content piece should be evergreen, but the majority of your content should be. If you’re going to write content that is only going to be relevant for a month in your new site, that’s fine, but if it’s a huge amount of effort to create that content, then why are you’re really wasting it? Focus on long-term results.

Reason six, your page takes too long to load. It goes beyond just SEO, it goes all about experience. I don’t care how many backlinks do you have or how good your SEO is, as a user, if I search and I click on your site and it takes like 10 seconds to load, do you think I’m going to be sticking around? No, unless you have like some crazy deal and you’re selling me an Apple laptop that’s brand new with no defects for a hundred dollars, I’m not going to wait 10 seconds.

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