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What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a term used to describe the activities of a company to attract potential customers. These can be done through any number of digital channels. This includes websites, social media, search engines, apps, and billboards.

The process can involve the use of paid advertisements. The company pays the publisher when someone clicks on the ad. Other techniques include content marketing and retargeting. Content can be a blog post, a video, or a resource.

Retargeting is the practice of advertising to people who have previously visited your website. Typically, retargeting has the highest ROI. It also allows you to re-engage with past customers. For example, a business might send an email to a customer who has purchased a product, announcing a new sale. They could then send an update on the sales or offer a special for that customer’s geographic area.

During the early days of digital marketing, email was one of the most popular marketing tools. Companies would ask for an email address and then send out an email promoting a product. Later, companies were able to track the responses to their ads. Some marketers used their data to improve the effectiveness of their ad campaigns.

Search engine optimization is a way of attracting more traffic from search engines. Using keywords and other search engine terms, companies can create fresh content for their websites.

Online marketing is a form of advertising that occurs solely on the Internet. It usually involves websites, social networking sites, and mobile devices. A digital marketer must be savvy about using all of these channels to reach consumers.

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