Watch Me Build a Marketing Strategy in 10 Minutes For a Completely Random Business

s coming up with digital marketing strategies hard for you? Well, then you can just use mine. Today I want you to watch me build a marketing strategy in 10 minutes for a completely random business. Let’s now build a marketing strategy and I’m going to break down the steps.


Step one, check keyword ideas within Ubersuggest within that region. So I’ll go into Ubersuggest or, I’ll type in a keyword like ‘cosmetic dentistry’ or ‘dentistry’ and I would do it within not just the United States, but I will then change it to Orlando, Florida, because that’s where this business is based.

And then you’ll see a list of keywords, go to the keyword ideas report on Ubersuggest and this gets me into step two; create a selection of keywords around cosmetic dentistry. Maybe there’ll be keywords around implants, maybe there’ll be about veneers, maybe they’ll be about teeth cleaning, the list can go on and on.

So click all the keywords and download a list of all the ones that are related to your business and the services that you offer. Step three, analyze one of the top ranked website for the keyword. So let’s say one of the keywords is ‘cosmetic dentistry in Orlando, Florida’. I would Google for that term and I would look at all the top pages, the top 10, to see what they’re doing.

Now one of the pages that ended up ranking was dynamicsmiledesign/cosmeticdentistry.html so I would go in there, look at that page. And that page has H tags, those are heading tags. What are all the topics that they created around cosmetic dentistry. And I would want to use them.

Then to look at the user intent, which is to get a dentist or hire dentists or go to somewhere and get the service. They also have a form for contact information. That’s super important so that that way you can get leads. They also have a ‘request my appointment’ button in the header, which is cool because then a person, if they’re looking to schedule an appointment, they can get it done really easily.

They can either call, which is the next thing, they have a phone number or they can just do it themselves if they’re on the go and they don’t want to call you. That’s an amazing user experience.

Step four, instead of having one page about cosmetic dentistry, we’re going to have pages related to it, plus all the subtopics. So subtopics could be teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, Invisalign, dentures, smile makeover, cosmetic bonding.

By doing this, you’re creating, what’s called topic clusters. You’re covering all the topics related to a specific category and then Google’s like, ‘Hey, Neil’s going super in-depth. He’s going super thorough. We should rank them higher than someone else who just skims the surface because Neil is more likely to solve the issues for the customer or the searcher.’

Step five, optimize Google My Business. You can get so much revenue from Google My Business if you’re a local business like this one. So you want to fill all the details in Google My Business, including your keywords and your description. You want to make sure you have a great landing page for people to click through to the website. You want to make sure you have the best shots that are possible of your facility, maybe even do before and after pictures if your customers or clients will allow it, even pictures of your team if they allow it. And you want to track reviews. The more reviews you have, the better off you are.

And really a big thing is not just having the pictures of your location, but pictures of the results. Like if I was a restaurant, I would have pictures of the food, and people eating and laughing, going ha ha ha ha, and breaking down how they’re having amazing conversations and enjoy being in that place.

Step number six, paid ads. Everyone talks about organic or paid. It’s not, one’s better than the other, you want to do everything that produces results. It makes you money, do it. And you want to put together an offer. So what is the lowest investment high-value offer that you can end up creating?

You also want to target age groups in your local area. If you know that your customers are 60 for denture implants versus 30-year-olds wanting teeth whitening, you know who to target for different ad types.

And you want to test the different offers for different groups within your region, so that way you can see what’s working better, what’s profitable, what’s not. And that your marketing strategy in under 10 minutes.

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