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SEO takes forever to get results, there must be a better way to get traffic that doesn’t involve ads. Today, I’m going to break down how this works way better than SEO.


Look, You’re probably like, “Neil, you blog about SEO, you have an SEO tool called Ubersuggest, what could be better than SEO?” Well, there’s a ton of things better than SEO, and you can probably name tons of them, Even though I’m addicted to it, and generally, I’m just addicted to digital marketing.

But even though I blog about SEO, and I believe in it because it produces such amazing results and you can create literally a hundred million plus, even billion dollar companies just through SEO. You’re probably wondering, “Neil, what is it that you… Works way better than SEO?”

I want you to check out something on my website, and I mentioned it in this video, it’s called Ubersuggest. And it’s a tool, you can put in your domain name, and it gets keywords, shows you, you know, what keywords your domain ranks for, your competitors rank for. Even tells you what keywords your competitors rank for that you don’t. It’ll even tell you how many people link to you, or even tell you how much traffic you’re getting or estimate that. It’ll even tell you new keyword opportunities, and you can do keyword research or content research. It even tells you what errors you have on your website.

So how is this better than SEO? Do you want to know what drives more traffic than anything else? Take a guess. Ubersuggest. Did you know, over 400,000 people a month find my website by just either typing in the keyword Ubersuggest, or going directly to my domain.

On the flip side, less than 100,000 people a month find my domain by typing in, Neil Patel. So what does this tell you? Tools are more powerful, tools work better than content, tools build more links than manually reaching out.

When I created a free tool, Ubersuggest, and I just kept releasing more and more features for free. Sure, there’s paid features as well, but the majority of the app is for free. Did you know I generated over 10,000 backlinks, and I didn’t really have to do anything, just kept improving the product. See, with my content, I had to keep trying to come up with new content that’s fresh, that no one’s ever talked about. With my old content, I had to keep updating and spending money on it. With the tool, it keeps generating goodwill traffic conversions without me putting in as much effort.

Now granted, upfront cost may be more, and in a bit, I’m going to teach you how to do it with actually less upfront cost than content, but it’s well worth it. And when I look at my ad agency, NP Digital… If you haven’t checked out, we help companies of all sizes grow their traffic.

If you look at NP Digital, over 40% of our customers are coming from Ubersuggest. That’s the power of the tool, that’s what you can’t take for granted. So what I want you to do, is go and create a tool for free and put it on your website. You can go find developers on Upwork, Toptal. And if you can’t find people at any of these places, what I want you to do is go to Codecanyon. Codecanyon is a site where there’s tools on everything.

You’re in the auto industry, there’s a tool for that. You’re in the mortgage industry, there’s a tool for that. You’re in the hair salon industry, there’s a tool for that. They literally have tools on everything.

So what I want you to do, is go to the site, check out one of the tools. I’m not affiliated with them. And you can get some of these tools for $5, $10, $20, 50 bucks. Usually, it’s rare to find a tool on Codecanyon for over 50 bucks. And pop it on your website, white label it, and then boom.

Over time, you’ll find that the tool generates more traffic, more backlinks, and it helps you generate more SEO traffic without really doing SEO.

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