This is what $1,000,000 looks like – Grant Cardone #shorts

#shorts #millionaire #money
This is what $1,000,000 looks like – Grant Cardone

You got a better chance of being me, then you got of being @davechappelle @kevinhart4real & @floydmayweather 👇post in comments👇 how you will make your first million.

How to Land More Professional Speaking Gigs to Get More Clients

While I’m not a specialist talking specialist, when customers ask me how to enhance their opportunities for being picked to speak by decision makers, I share what I have done. Talking is a great method to get more clients as well as get exposure for what you do.

Facebook Lists: Manage Your Facebook Friends and Frienemies

Has your Facebook individual page obtained out of control? Are you no more seeing blog posts from your close friends, household as well as preferred clients and also clients? Facebook Lists is a tool available to aid you to manage your followers from your individual web page.

Leading in Tough Times!

You truly needed to be there. In Atlanta – where I was the day it really felt like the world was involving an end. Extreme winter weather condition hit and also the city involved a complete standstill.

You Have to Market BEFORE You Sell

Over 80% of business owners make this blunder. As well as they can shed the same amount in business. What have they done? They have actually perplexed advertising with selling!

Do You Want More Clients?

If you desire to draw in more clients on or offline, you require to develop an activity strategy. This is where most Biz proprietors start flinching. We have actually been persuaded that marketing’ is an unpleasant word and also it isn’t, not when you do it my method. Welcome to the Motivation Age.

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