The Role of Creativity in Digital Marketing

And that’s why in marketing, I think one of the best skillsets is creativity.

Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021:

How to Navigate Digital Marketing:


When you look at the organic reach, it’s harder and harder, but, here’s the thing, there’s new platforms that always come around and make it easier to get rich, for example, I was on Clubhouse, literally right before we ended up doing this podcast interview, okay?

And I started with a hundred and something followers, I joined a room talk for literally 30 seconds and now I have 400 and something followers. Now, is it going to be that easy to gain followers on Clubhouse, if they maintain their popularity and their growth rate within a year or two? Of course not, right? Is it easy to gain popularity on LinkedIn right now? Yes. Why, less than 3%, or roughly around 3% of the people on LinkedIn only post content, which means majority of the people don’t post content., they want more people to post content.

Now, if LinkedIn had 30% of their people posting content, do you think you would gain as much followers and reach when you post your content? Of course not and why? Because there’s competition, they’re already getting what they’re looking for.

So these platforms will encourage you really early on and give you what you want, but the moment they start doing well enough where they don’t need it as much, then they turn the little knobs and throttle it, so then that way they start making more money, but it doesn’t mean you can’t grow in marketing, you just got to get creative and that’s why in marketing, I think one of the best skillsets is creativity.

Yeah, sure, you can read and learn, but if you can’t think outside the box, especially when everyone else is doing the same thing, you’re not going to do well. There’s so many people with more money, more employees, more resources, you got to really think outside of the box to win.

So and what’s funny is, it’s like I know real estate agents who have done well purely because of LinkedIn. One of my buddies Todd, who’s in the mortgage industry has gotten quite a few customers from LinkedIn as well. Who’d ever thought though, right? You can end up getting business from these sites and these platforms, if you participate.

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The First Customer You Must Win!

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