The Painful Truth About SEO

SEO used to be simple, you write an article on a topic and over time you get rankings, you get some traffic. Even if you’re not on page one, it wasn’t that competitive, and you get results. But now with over a billion blogs on the internet, SEO has become super competitive. Just think about that. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people. And the way you get traffic, and the method you use to get those rankings has changed. Today I’m going to break down the painful truth about SEO, and how you can succeed in today’s market.



So how do you get traffic in today’s world? Well, it really is all about the long tail. And I want to show you the Neil Patel blog, so you can see, for example. How to read your website source code, and why it’s important. The keyword here, I’m going after not just website source code, I’m going after reading your website source code.

So let’s type in, how to read website source code. And as you can see here, if you look at the searches, not a ton of searches it’ll load soon enough and you’ll be able to see. But it’s something better than nothing, 10. And then when you look at a term like source code, website source code, you got 480 searches. And if you go after, website code maybe there’ll be a little bit better. You have 8,000 searches.

And the list goes on and on, and if you keep scrolling on the Neil Patel blog, you’ll see this the eight most important conversion rate metrics you should be tracking. 25 marketing books, you should be reading this. One’s a little bit more generic marketing books. You know how to leverage testimonials in paid campaigns. And I’m just showing you how to use testimonials not just in general, but in your paid advertising campaigns. And Google ad-words certified, right or certification, Instagram story highlights on a brand account.

I’m getting very specific with my content. And let’s take this one as an example of Instagram story highlights. So here I’m on Ubersuggest, you can just go to Neil Patel. I’ll actually go And let’s type in the keyword, Instagram story the highlights, Instagram story highlights. And I’m searching in English United States, 3,600 searches per month.

And what I want you to do is start looking for longer tail keywords. So for example, if I have something on, let’s dive a little bit deeper Photoshop, right As you can see here, this article is on Photoshop classes.

And let’s go back to Ubersuggest, and let’s type in photo shop classes Instead of just optimizing for head terms, IEX Photoshop classes. I want you to look for a long tail terms, Photoshop classes online, Photoshop classes near me, Photoshop classes online for free, Photoshop classes for beginners. And there’s other related, you know terms as well.

But as you can see here, I’m going for long tail terms. So what I want you to do as an Ubersuggest is typing keywords that you may be going after. If I type in Photoshop, because a lot of micro marketers needed deal with design tools and editing images for blog posts or social media. You can see that is Photoshop free Photoshop online, download Photoshop, Photoshop remove background, Photoshop elements.

I would start writing articles on all these detailed terms like, how to resize images in Photoshop, how to remove your background using Photoshop. By doing this you’ll generate more traffic, by optimizing for all the long tail terms. And it may not be something that is appealing and is what you want to do.

But that’s how you succeed in the world of SEO today, in which you need a right a lot of traffic, or content around these long tail terms. If you want tons and tons of traffic. And by doing it I’ll show you what ends up happening to your traffic.

If you look here this is the, Google analytics. I’m going to end up showing you real time stats, let’s click on real time. Hopefully it loads soon, got a lot of data.

Let’s go to global, and let’s go to real time. You can see here 1,962 people on my website, right then right now. All because I’m writing all this long tail content.

That’s how you win in the game of SEO in today’s world.

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