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Eric Schmidt the ex-CEO of Google once said, brands are the solution, they’re not the problem, right? It’s how you sort out the good companies from the cesspool. And I’m paraphrasing his quote, but you guys get the point. It’s pretty much saying brands are important and brands are a key factor in Google’s rankings.

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So, I once, over time I noticed a trend, more and more people were typing in my domain name into Google. So my domain name is for one of my sites where people are typing in my name, Neil Patel SEO, Neil Patel tools, Neil Patel Ubersuggest, Neil Patel content marketing, et cetera variations of my name.

And what we found is if we didn’t build links or anything, well our brand spiked from PR or whatnot, and it spiked for a month or two, all of our ranking skyrocketed. And even when the PR went down and the brand queries went down, our rankings maintained or close to maintained to their peaks. So we found that Google loves brands.

Like, we’ve seen and tested sites in different regions globally. And even if you build links, you write the right content, you’re super thorough, we found that if you don’t have brand queries, you don’t rank as high. But if you have a ton of brand queries and you barely have links or anything like that, your ranking skyrockets.

There’s an algorithm change back in 2009, that was a big brand update, I believe. And since then, bigger brands have been getting a benefit. Now, “bigger brands”. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a bigger company, right?

You don’t have to be a Nike or Wikipedia. You just have to be a big brand for the keywords you’re trying to rank for. And you don’t have to be the biggest brand. You just have to be somewhat of a brand. Like, my brand queries suck compared to Nike I get roughly a hundred thousand visitors a month from people googling Neil Patel even though my domain name’s But yeah, I still rank well, and so does Nike but Nike probably gets a hundred thousand queries every single minute.

You do YouTube, you’re on social media, you blog, you speak at conferences, you build a brand. And you do that whether it’s personal or whether it’s corporate. and just look at how much business you got because of brand, not a lead, you have rankings and get traffic to your site, but it also helps generate business as well. And you can do that for a corporate brand, and again a personal brand, but very few people spend time and energy into it.

So I stick with the rule of seven. When someone sees your brand or hears about it seven times and interacts with it seven times they’re much more likely to become a loyal follower. Again, whether it’s personal or corporate.

So, simple things that you can do is, one, collect emails. If you collect emails, anytime you update your content, or have something new, like a YouTube video you can always blast it out. Two, you can do push notifications. So, anytime someone comes to your site, have them subscribe. Anytime you have new content or want to push out a message, let them know. Three, leverage social media all of the channels out there, because they believe that you’re not going to find someone on one channel or another, but you know, if you leverage all of them you’ll get something. It’s better than nothing. Four, engage with people.

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