TextBot (AVA) – A.I. SMS Marketing Funnel(s) via TxtBot

Full TextBot Presentation: https://textbot.info/?ref=christianalva

What is TextBot?

Textbot is powered by “AVA” which is an A.I. “Virtual Assistant”.

AVA does all of the heavy lifting and holds real-time, human-like text message conversations with everyone you connect her up with. AVA answers questions, delivers information, follows up and can even send any email you want her to and she does all of this by txt/sms messaging.

Call ☎️ 516-407-9232 to experience AVA & TxtBot yourself!

Earn unlimited $100, $200 & $500 payouts to Cash App, PayPal or Direct Deposit with as a Textbot software reseller. If you are looking for a simple way to build up your cash flow online by leveraging proven software then this is something worth checking out.

Cash App friendly, you can earn into your cash app account Instantly upon each sale of txtbot from your personal website or automated phone number.

PayPal friendly, textbot a.i also allows members to use their PayPal account as a way to collect direct payments.

Textbot A.I is a unique software (sms marketing funnel) and tool that helps entrepreneurs automate and save time in their business while also being a great source of additional income for the motivated entrepreneur.

To learn more about Textbot A.I. and how this system can benefit you, watch the full corporate presentation on the company’s website: https://textbot.info/?ref=christianalva


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