When I started I had a huge dream and 4 people in my team in a little office. Thank you all for helping me make my dream come true, for believing in myself, and most importantly for becoming the best version of yourselves and sharing it with the world. Keep being great because nothing else pays.

For my birthday I wanna give you guys a gift.
You can download for FREE my book “THE 10X RULE” and it’s only available until midnight.

Different Types of Marketing

Marketing is a process of selling goods and services to customers. It includes the selection of a target market, product design and development, advertising, packaging and sales and distribution.

Online Marketing: The process of promoting a business or products through the internet, mobile phones, social media and other digital mediums such as email and SMS. The methods of online marketing vary depending on the type of product or service, the company’s resources and the target market.

Internet Marketing: This method involves generating website traffic through various online methods such as search engines, blogs, social media and other platforms. It is a cost-effective form of marketing that can increase the brand awareness of a business and promote its products and services.

Paid Advertising: This method involves paying to have advertisements placed on websites and other platforms such as Google, Facebook and YouTube. It can be used to target specific demographics, geographic location, job titles and interests.

Pay-per-click: This type of marketing aims at driving traffic to a particular page and converting them into a customer. It can be done through text ads or video ads that appear above people’s searches on the search engine.

Youtube Marketing: This method is a great way to reach customers and build your brand. It allows you to create videos that explain your product in depth and showcase your brand’s personality. You can also use these videos to capture leads by asking for an opt-in.

Marketing is essential for a successful business, as it helps in bringing in new customers and retaining the existing ones. It also helps in defining a brand’s identity and creating a lasting relationship with the customer.

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