Snapchat Ads Guide for Beginners 2022 – Learn Snap Ads (FULL TUTORIAL)

An updated free Snapchat Ads course and tutorial for 2022. Learn how to setup profitable Snap Ads from scratch for beginners, business owners and entrepreneurs in 2022 within 30 minutes.

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0:00 – Snap Ads in 2022
1:15 – Account Setup + Free Ad Credit
2:50 – Correct Account Strucutre
8:40 – Competitor Research
9:25 – Ad Setup
10:55 – Snap Ad Creative
14:55 – Ad Targeting & Testing
24:18 – Review & Audiences

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It’s important we diversify ad platforms outside of Facebook Ads / Meta Ads and Snap Ads is a great place to start considering its similarity with Facebook Ads.

So, in this video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to go from zero to your first successful Snap Ad by creating a strong ad account structure, a great Snap ad and creative, then convert them into profitable ads brgining in customers and leads to your business and eCommerce store.

This free course is completely refreshed and a great way to start advertising on Snapchat with ads for beginners through this step-by-step guide.

I’ve spent 8 figures in ad spend over the last few years and have worked as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager and now consult large brands on their digital marketing strategy. I want to share some of this knowledge free to beginners, so I created this long tutorial so beginners are able to boost their business with Snapchat ads and hope this helps you.

Watch along, bookmark this video and continue to follow along as you build your profitable ads with me. Make sure you share your results with me! Enjoy and thanks for watching! You can enroll into the follow up Snapchat Ad training here:


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Complete Snapchat Ads Guide for Beginners 2022 – Learn Snap Ads (FULL TUTORIAL)
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