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OVERPAY your employees –

This is how you find, employ and retain top talent.

The Future of Social Media Marketing

Social media has surpassed traditional media in terms of advertising reach. Although newspaper readership has decreased dramatically, more than half of all American households still read them in print. The ability to reach these people through well-placed ads makes traditional media valuable. But, the future of social media marketing is not yet here. For now, traditional media remains the best option. However, digital marketing has a brighter future ahead. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Display advertising: This form of advertising involves banners or images and is similar to traditional print and online ads. It targets specific publications and has become more sophisticated with the use of programmatic ads (ads booked by algorithms). Another way to reach users is through remarketing, which involves following past visitors. It allows companies to bring back visitors who have previously engaged with their content. In this method, companies bid on ad space and pay per click or impression.

Social media also allows marketers to reach customers organically. Many people follow brands on social media and use them to research new products. Social media allows marketing teams to engage with customers and cultivate positive experiences. Social media can also help establish a brand’s voice and create an identity. Wendy’s, for example, has a flippant tone and is popular on Twitter. And, most social media networks allow advertisements to appear in feeds. In addition to paid advertising, social media also allows marketers to share their profits with fellow marketers.

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