One SEO Trend That Is About to Change Everything in 2022 – And How to Use It In Your Favor

SEO is about to change. Are you ready? Today I’m going to break down one SEO trend that is about to change everything in 2022 and how to use it in your favor.


So what’s this trend? Do you think is going to be voice search. Do you think it’s going to be SEO on page SEO? Do you think it’s going to be backlink building? What do you think that trend is going to make everything change in SEO in 2022? Seriously, what do you think it is? I’ll give you a hint. It’s something related with tools. Can you guess what it is?

It’s actually automation. Automation is going to make everything much easier specifically, with content writing. So think of it this way. What happens if you can end up doing content writing that’s semi-automated using the GTP3, right? There’s a lot of tools out there like Jarvis that makes things really easy and it won’t create content that’s perfect, but it’ll create more than half of it. And then you can just go in there and modify it and adjust it.

Also tools are already doing competitive analysis and doing research, right? You use tools like Ubersuggest, it’ll tell you what’s working? What keywords are competitive? What doesn’t work, but check this out. What happens if more marketing could be automated? In Ubersuggest in 2021, we already released in beta, tools and scripts that you can put on your website that automates a lot of your on-page SEO. Tools like Jarvis automatically automate a lot of the content creation process. So what happens if you just start tacking on all these things.

If you start plugging all these tools together, you can automate a lot of your SEO, which will then make your life easier. Just imagine, you create a site error by publishing a new page and you don’t have to fix it. Ubersuggest fix it for you. Or you want to write content on a new topic that you’re not as familiar with. And you’re sending it to a great writer. They can use Jarvis to plug in some information and then boom, it cranks out a content piece for them that they just have to modify and cleanup.

And these tools are delivering, ready to write content, that’s not just outline, but that’s super thorough. And that can be valuable based on a lot of the top ranked pages already that are out there on Google. So let’s go over some of these tools,, Clearscope, surfer.seo. That’ll help with a lot of the content creation and the keywords.

Other tools, even some that help you write your content that we’re discussing are things like and, and Copysmith. And when it comes to on-page SEO, Ubersuggest is working on automating all of it. It’s already in beta and it works for WordPress. And then eventually we’re going to automate all on-page SEO, as well as all content creation. And then the long-term goal is even automate link building as well. So if you want to use automation in your favor, here’s what I would start with. And you can start in this order. I would specifically start with content and just use one of the content tools that I mentioned and use that to cut down your content time.

Then the second thing I would do is increase the amount of content you’re creating because your writing team should have more time. And then the third thing I would do is create a project flow within Ubersuggest, So when you go to Ubersuggest, and you create a project flow, you know, it’s tracking your rankings, your on-page SEO. You’ll then get notified when you can automate your on-page SEO. So then you don’t have to fix anything. So that way you’ll be right there in front of the line.

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