My 4 Favorite SEO Tools (And The Ones That Are a Time Waste)

There are one to many SEO tools. It can be overwhelming. So today I’m going to break down my favorite four. Today I’m going to break down my four favorite SEO tools and the ones that are a time-waste.


Click Flow:
Google trends:


Number one, of course, Ubersuggest is one of my own tools. What I really love the most in Ubersuggest there’s a few features and I’m going to break them down, is whenever you’re doing keyword research in the keyword ideas report, you can click on this button, page one, ranking potential, and you put in your URL and it’ll tell you all the keywords that you can rank page one on, based on your domain authority, your on page SEO, how long your site’s been around.

So it’ll tell you what you actually have a shot to rank for right now. Right? And that’s great because SEO is a long game, but who doesn’t want to see more short-term results. The other feature that I really love in Ubersuggest is the competitor analysis. I can put in my domain name and my competitor’s domain name.

And it’ll show me all the keywords that they rank for the I don’t rank for. And it’ll also show me all the keywords that you know, I’m ranking for, that they’re also ranking for. And then you want to check out what are the keywords that they’re ranking for that you’re not even targeting because that’s a keyword gap. That’s your opportunities.

Another feature that I love in Ubersuggest is the back links opportunity report. And if someone’s linking to three of my competitors, you know that if they linked to three of my competitors, they don’t mind linking to other websites in my space. So if I take the time and hit them up, there’s a great chance that they’ll link back to me.

The next tool I like is Click Flow. It’s used to test your title tags and your meta description. This is great because a lot of times you can boost your rankings, not by building more links, but just getting more clicks. If everyone does a Google search for a keyword like dog shoes and they click on the second result, instead of the first result, it tells Google that no one wants a first result. They prefer the second result and they’ll switch the rankings.

The next tool I like, Google search console. It’s free. You can discover keywords that you need to double down on. Here’s what I mean by that. Go to Google search console, see the pages that are getting traffic.

Look for the keywords that you’re ranking for the bottom of page one, on page two, page three. And see if you’re using those keywords within your content. If not, if those keywords are relevant, integrate them, it’ll boost your rankings for those terms, helps you double down and you should see results within 30 days.

Of course, one of my last favorite tools is Google trends. It allows you to explore new opportunities and find a lot of great keywords and categories to go after, especially what’s trending. And what’s going on an upward trend versus a downward trend because you want to go after more keywords and terms that are on an upward trend.

As for a time-waste, you know, when you look at very technical SEO auditing tools, there’s a lot of them out there. It’s only worth it if you have huge websites with thousands of images, complex internal linking structures, unless you have a critical technical SEO problem.

Most of the time, you won’t need to be running lots of crazy in depth audits. You can do a lot for free within just the Ubersuggest, auto report. Now think about the ROI of your efforts. What’s working best in your SEO. Don’t spend time and money on all the tools and activities that aren’t really yielding those results. But for most of your day-to-day stuff, you’re not going to be using those features. You’re just going to be paying for stuff that you don’t use.

So instead, I want you to focus on what’s driving your ROI. Go look in your Google analytics, go look at what’s driving the conversions, your goals, what content, what channels. Focus more on that than wasting your time looking at 20 tools.

It’s not just about the cost. Cost isn’t the issue of the tools. The real issue with using too many tools is it’s a big time suck. If you spent your time on what’s generating your ROI, you’ll make more money.

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