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Hopefully you’ve been implementing the stuff that you’ve been learning over the last two weeks as this is the last lesson where I’m recapping everything. And by now you should be seeing more growth in your email list. Probably not at 50,000 subscribers, that’s unrealistic within two weeks but your numbers should be growing and you should be on your way to 50,000 subscribers.

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Important takeaway, email marketing will grow so you should continually use it. And if you want to use it, you want to achieve maximum engagement. And that’s the point. And the way you do that is create those one-on-one interactions. Whether using the words you or I in your email, personalizing things, putting their first name within their email.

These are all ways to maximize engagement, AB testing, which is what we discussed in the last lesson. Always that you can maximize your engagement. And another trick that you can do is leverage segmentation.

People who are super active, you should send them different emails than people who aren’t as active, people who enjoy multiple emails from you a week, you should segment them, keep sending them maybe even more, people who don’t want that, segment them, send less.

This is how you can adjust your email marketing, not just the messages, but your workflows to maximize your sales and revenue and even deliverability.

So how often should you be emailing? Well, there is no right answer. I recommend that you do at least a few times a week but if your list is super active and they want daily, then email daily.

I may have an ad, drives people to watch a webinar, collect their email, invite them over email, as well as on that landing page, I’ll reinforce the data and the decision they’re making with data. I’ll talk about the process, testimonials, case studies, the value, I’ll even have CTAs in there to generate sales.

And then what I’ll do is I’ll continually have more and more webinars over time, not just one, and webinars on different topics because it allows me to create multiple ways to generate that sale as well.

And what I love about webinars is you can use a sense of urgency because a webinar doesn’t last forever, which is cool. Your webinars shouldn’t be evergreen, at least at the beginning. You can use things like LinkedIn to hit up your contacts, get more people interested or social media, just create a catchy headline.

And as I mentioned, you got to create that sense of urgency ’cause it will improve your show up rates and the rate that people will register. And you’ve learned a lot over the last two weeks but the most important lesson that you should have learned is multiple ways that you can leverage email.

There’s no right way or wrong way, you just got to pick the way that works best for you. And the metrics will show you what’s working, right? If your list size is increasing, your open rates are improving, your click rates are improving, your unsubscribe rates are decreasing, your spam complaints are decreasing.

These are all metrics that’ll help you understand if you’re choosing the right way. And if you’re seeing them go backwards, the opposite way that you want, just adjust and tweak your strategy. And in that strategy, you should also have an omni-channel approach.

Yes, email’s great, but it’s not just all about email. What about SEO? What about content marketing? What about Facebook marketing? What about just making your copy for your blog posts? Part of it, send it out in an email and get people to click through and read the rest of the blog post.

This is all example of an omni-channel strategy which is the true way you grow, and that’s how you get to the next level.

And if you really want to get to the next level, I recommend that you check out all the handouts, the cheat sheets, the worksheets, everything we gave in this course which you can find at, click on email marketing unlocked. You’ll find all the lessons there as well as all the cheat sheets and lessons.

And just go through them. Take your time, it’s up there pretty much forever. So you’ve completed the course.

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