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Combining Traditional and New-Age Marketing Strategies

Today’s marketers have to be aware of the ever-changing environment. 45% of all shopping is done on a mobile device. People use these devices to research, compare prices, and make purchases. Moreover, more than half of Millennials, who are defined as people born between 1981 and 1997, use their mobile devices. Therefore, marketers need to get their message to them where they are. In order to do this, they can use a variety of marketing methods including mobile marketing.

Traditional marketing strategies involved TV, radio, and print. The rise of the internet changed this. Today, marketing efforts are conducted through websites, social media platforms, apps, and other technologies. The most effective digital marketing campaigns incorporate two-way interaction with consumers and incorporate customer feedback. As a result, they reach more people. In addition to digital marketing, many businesses are combining traditional and new-age techniques. Here are some examples of how these two types of marketing strategies work.

Social media platforms allow marketers to engage with prospects and influencers. Paid social media advertising can be an effective strategy because it puts advertisers in front of highly targeted consumers. In addition to social media engagement, it can build brand loyalty by fostering positive experiences and creating a voice. Wendy’s has achieved this by embracing a fun, flippant tone on Twitter. And because it’s organic, social media engagement can be used to build a brand and foster a positive experience with the company.

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