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The Power of the Internet in Marketing

The Internet is a major force in marketing. In fact, 89% of Americans are online on a daily basis. Of this number, 31% of those people are online almost constantly. Digital marketing utilizes the internet to communicate promotional messages and measure customer journeys. Digital marketing includes social media, email, web-based advertising, and text messages. Almost all of these methods of marketing are effective for capturing new users, and the majority of marketers are using both.

Content marketing involves incorporating SEO search terms into fresh website content. Once created, this content is then shared across social media channels and through email marketing publications. Content marketing analytics tell marketers what types of content keep customers on their website, and which aren’t. In this way, they can create content that keeps customers engaged with their websites longer, generating more profits for the business. Content marketing is a long-term strategy for increasing brand awareness and increasing authority.

Influencers are proving to be very effective for brands, particularly in a saturated market. Disney has successfully leveraged the power of an influencer to drive sales of their products, while Snapchat offers a diverse selection of options and unlimited posts. The world of social media marketing is evolving rapidly, and brands are finding new ways to engage their audience. Organic reach has always been a huge advantage of social media, but as time has passed, organic reach has dropped dramatically. Even Facebook, once the king of organic reach, has been dipping for years, and is now almost at a rock-bottom low when compared to five years ago.

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