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How Digital Marketing Channels Work

The digital era has enabled brands to target their customers and engage them in a personalized way. Companies can do this by creating content that can drive email, social media, search engine optimization and paid digital advertising. It is important to understand how these channels work.

Digital marketing includes the use of mobile devices, websites, apps, social networks and search engines. Today, this industry is growing rapidly. Global outlays on this field are reaching more than $100 billion.

In the early days of digital marketing, email was a common method of communication. Today, companies combine traditional and digital marketing techniques, using sophisticated sCRM software to reach influencers. Political candidates, for example, use SMS to promote positive platforms.

Facebook offers the ability to insert messages into social newsfeeds. These campaigns are usually around cost per impression. They also have access to a network of affiliate brands and media publishers. This gives brands the ability to reach a large number of people, even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

Remarketing is a form of digital advertising that targets previous customers. By creating a pixel on their browser, a company pays a publisher when a user clicks on an ad. Retargeting ads are not signs that a user is going to purchase a product. However, it does serve as a reminder of the website.

There are different types of retargeting: one is search, which uses keywords. Another is display, which targets specific demographics.

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