If You Have ZERO Website Visitors, Do THIS First | Optimizing a New Website For Organic Traffic

If you have zero website visitors, there’s actually a strategy that’ll help turn things around faster. Today I’m going to break down, if you have zero website visitors, this is what you should do first.

Ubersuggest: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Step one, identify keywords and topics that you can win on today. So go to Ubersuggest type in any keyword related to your industry. You’ll then see a report, that ends up showing you how popular that keyword is, how much traffic it gets, how many clicks go to people’s websites.

And what I want you to do is go look on the left-hand navigation and click on keyword ideas. And then if you’re not logged in make sure you’re logged in, but this report shows you all the keywords that you could potentially rank for.

I want you to then click on the keywords I can rank for button. And then in that box, putting in your URL. What Ubersuggest is doing is, it’s analyzing your website, how many people link to you, your authority, what you can potentially to rank for, and then it filters out all the keywords and shows you what keywords have the biggest potential for you to rank for right now. And if you do that, you now have a list of keywords that are the best fit for your website.

And the next thing that you’ll want to do is filter them based on intent. So some of the keywords, even though you can rank for, if the products and services that you offer, don’t align with that keyword, you don’t want to go after it. You want to instead go after the ones that are really ideal fit.

Step two, learn from your competitor strategy and spot opportunities. I want you to now use the Ubersuggest competitor analysis reports. A great example of this is the backlinks report. So if you go to the backlinks report, you can put in any competitor URL, and it’ll show you their backlinks. And when you end up doing that, you go over like, hey, maybe I should go after these links.

Another thing that I like doing with competitor analysis is looking at the top pages. So anytime I look at the top pages report, and this is one of my favorite parts on Ubersuggest, it shows me all the top pages from an SEO perspective that my competitors rank for.

Now, I take this data to then figure out, all right, what pages of content should I create that I haven’t created yet? And what are all the keywords that that page ranks for, for my competition? So now I have a list of keywords. And what are all the people linking to them? because it also shows you all the back links. So then now you have a list of keywords when you’re creating your content, and you have a list of sites to head up to also get to link back to you.

Step three, create in-depth content around the main topics you want to focus on. I don’t want you to go broad. Just like how I just talked about video editing, I’m a marketing site. I need to focus more on marketing. And I needed to niche down and be more narrow because that’s how I’m going to perform better in the long run. And once your traffic goes up and you’re starting to do well in your ranking on the first page, I want you to learn and expanse.

Your learning some of these key words then expand and broaden up the category. So if I first started blogging on SEO, which is what I did in neilpatel.com. Then I started broadening up to content marketing, then social media marketing, then paid advertising, then conversion optimization, then email marketing.

You see how I’m continually expanding? Heck I’m even starting to write articles now, on things like running ads on Hulu or Roku, I’m even talking about television advertising. So I’m still sticking to marketing, but I’m expanding. And eventually I may expand out of marketing and I would still cover it very deeply, but I would also maybe add another category like sales because sales and marketing.

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