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Paid Digital Advertising and Online Marketing

Buying attention is the basis of paid digital advertising. This method can be done through pay per click, social media, or content marketing. Companies pay the publisher for every person who views or clicks on the ad. These platforms also enable retargeting, or the advertising of ads to people who have visited a website or a mobile app previously. This type of remarketing is often the best way to get the highest ROI.

Retargeting is an effective and affordable way to remind users that they are on a website or a mobile application. The retargeting process is facilitated by Google, Facebook, and other third party tools. Retargeting is used by marketers to reach the target audience at a specific time and place, and to provide an additional marketing touch point. Unlike paid digital advertising, retargeting is free to use.

It is also a powerful way to promote brand awareness. By creating a library of content that can be shared through email marketing publications, social media posts, and other outlets, marketers can increase their online profile as a resource for information. Providing content that is useful to consumers is key to influencing customer behavior. By creating special content at specific times, marketers can tailor offers to their customers’ geographic location and needs. Using analytics, marketers can learn which content drives the most engagement and what content their customers are most interested in.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that should be incorporated into a business’s overall marketing plan. In addition to sharing content through social media and email, marketers can also market their products or services through marketplaces.

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