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The Different Types of Marketing

Marketing involves everything a company does to attract customers, make them buy its offering and sustain its growth. It enables a business to define its identity and shape the way in which it is perceived.

Online Marketing

Online marketing focuses on promoting a company and its products or services through digital channels such as search engines, social media platforms and websites. It encompasses the use of tools such as keywords, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing and website optimization.

Internet Marketing

This is a process of reaching individuals from various online locations using paid ads, such as banners displayed on Google Display Network sites or text-based ads that appear above people’s searches on Google. It is an effective way to target potential consumers who are actively seeking out what your brand has to offer. Paid ad platforms allow for iteration of messaging to increase reach and conversion rates, as well as the ability to measure campaign performance with granular data on user engagement and ROI.

Youtube Marketing

Getting more YouTube subscribers involves creating problem-solving content that meets your audience’s goals, posting consistently and promoting on other social and video platforms. It also requires focusing on the experience for viewers and making it clear what to do next, such as subscribe or comment. Adding calls to action at the end of your videos and linking to other relevant content is another great strategy. It is important to research and understand your competition’s YouTube strategies as this can help identify what works and what doesn’t.

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