I Have Big Plans In The Works! | My 2023 Marketing Resolutions! 😏

What Is Marketing?

Marketing refers to the process of promoting a product or service through various channels and mediums. It encompasses a wide range of methods, such as online and offline advertising, SEO, social media, and content marketing.

Internet marketing focuses on the promotion of a product or service over the internet, using websites as platforms to sell products and services. It also involves search engine optimization, which improves a website to ensure it is easy for potential customers to find and navigate.

Paid Advertising – PPC

Pay-per-click marketing is a type of digital advertising that allows you to place ads on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, where you can pay to have your ad displayed on top of the search results for specific keywords. These ads can help you reach a large number of people for a low cost.

Social media marketing – SMM

Social media is an effective form of online marketing that allows you to connect with your audience and engage them in an active way. This can help you build brand awareness and gain a following, which can lead to sales.

Youtube marketing – YouTube is an excellent way to market your product to an audience who is already interested in the subject. These videos can be used to drive traffic to your website and boost online presence, which will ultimately increase sales.

Online marketing strategies are crucial for businesses of all sizes to engage with their target audiences and convert them into customers. These strategies include web design, SEO, email marketing, and social media advertising.

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