How To Use Facebook Groups For Business CORRECTLY

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Facebook groups for business are a great way to find new prospects if you know how to use them correctly. Many marketers that use facebook groups for business tend to spam it up with their links to join their business or buy a product.

Although this can have some success it really isnt the best way to utilize facebook groups and take advantage of the 1.7 BILLION facebook users out there.

So in this video I give several tips on how you can use facebook groups for business and ways that you can grow your business to the next level.

Here is a summary of the tips I talk about:

How To Use Facebook Groups For Business Tips:

1) Pretend the Facebook group is like Starbucks
2) Provide value to the Facebook group
3) Create your own Facebook group (more tips on how to do that in video)

Using facebook groups for business correctly is a powerful way to get the leg up on other marketers and set yourself and your business for success!

Additional Facebook Training:

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