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This is how the rich get richer during a recession.

How to Use Paid Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Today’s consumers spend 45% of their time on mobile devices. They use their phones to compare prices, research products and services, and make purchases. In fact, most Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) use their mobile devices to make purchases. As a marketer, this means taking your message to them on the go. And it is not just limited to mobile devices. Almost all social networks now offer ads in their feeds.

Content marketing incorporates SEO search terms into new website content. Content is then shared via social media and through email marketing publications. Analytics can help you know what content is most popular and profitable. By using the content marketing strategy correctly, you can create compelling content that keeps customers on your website and entices them to make a purchase. In addition, content that offers useful information and explains your brand better than your competitors’ can be more effective. Content marketing can lead to many more sales over time.

Content marketing is the process of creating content to engage and educate your audience. It can be as simple as writing a blog post and posting it on social media. But it can also include videos, ebooks, white papers, webinars, and social media. You can customize your content to fit your audience’s interests and needs. You can use content in social media to drive sales or to inform customers. And, you can create fun, educational or informative content.

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