How To Recruit On Facebook – 5 Step Formula to Social Media Sales

Facebook Live Training

This video breaks down a 5 step process which teaches you how to recruit on Facebook for your network marketing company. Facebook can be a powerful tool for recruiting people into your company if you know how to use it.

0:26 Recruit on Facebook Step 1: Connect with People
Business is all about lead flow and generation. Therefore the first thing you should do to recruit people on Facebook is connect with them. Constantly add and follow other people in your niche to build your following and network

1:30 Recruit on Facebook Step 2: Develop Relationships
Once you have connected with an individual dont just pitch them your idea! People can smell a “salesy” person from a mile away. Be generally interested in their problem and focus on solving it.

2:24 Recruit on Facebook Step 3: Introduce Your Business
After you have built a rapport with a certain individual then it is appropriate to bring up your business product or service. However, do this carefully! You need to lead with questions first so that you can find out how your business can benefit them.

4:37 Recruit on Facebook Step 4: Follow Up
Like you have probably heard before: The fortune is in the follow up. Follow up with the person that you have been connecting with after you have introduce your business to them. Keep in touch with them to see how you may be able to serve them in any additional ways.

6:29 Recruit on Facebook Step 5: Close
Finally after following up with them do not be afraid to close the person. If you have made it this far they are interested in your opportunity and it is up to you to take the initiative and close them.

Follow these simple 5 steps as guidelines to learn how to recruit on Facebook and grow your company via social media.

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