How to Get More From Your Livestream After the Broadcast

Every time they go live, it brings them five figures in revenue. Literally five figures in revenue.Hello everybody and welcome to our very special edition of Restream live show with Neil Patel. Today, we’re going to talk about why live streaming should be your focus in 2021.

The #1 Key to Live a Successful Life:


Live is actually one of the biggest trends we’re seeing and not for the reason most people think. So here’s why live is big. If you look at most social media platforms, one thing that they’ve done over the years is they’ve crushed the reach, right? Unless you pay, you don’t tend to get much of a reach.

But here’s the thing, what’s different with their algorithms is they’re trying to be live television, like the normal television that you watch on TV, through cable providers, whatever it may be, right? When you’re watching your ABC, NBC, whatever the TV channel may be.

So their whole thing right now is if you go live, they’re trying to spread it not to just your network, but your network’s network. And whoever else is willing to watch because they want more people to stay on YouTube or Facebook or any of their platforms because they make more ad revenue versus if you go there out there and go watch TV.

So that’s one big trend that we’re seeing right now in which you should go live more often. And the more live you go, the better off you are because it’s actually causing higher engagement. So then when you create content, whether it’s videos or text-based posts or whatever it may be, that content is doing better because you had more engagement from your audience during the live session, from comments and stuff like that.

So they’re more likely to see it when you’re not “going live”. So that’s the first big trend that we’re seeing.

What’s funny is I was with a large corporation, without naming their name, and they have quite a big social presence because they’ve spent a lot of money to get that presence. And right now they’re in the process of finding people within their space to interview on all these channels and create content. And my pitch to them was, you shouldn’t actually just go create content and do interviews. What you should do is, because the people that they’re trying to interview are really well-known and also have massive social followings, my pitch to them was you should go live together and do interviews.

So for example, let’s take the example of Instagram. If I go live on Instagram at the same time that they’re going live, and we’re both on the interview, my followers will get to know them and their followers will get to know me.

So in essence, it’s kind of like a win-win, but on top of that, you’ll notice that the content spreads way faster than if you were just going live on your own channel to your own audience.

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