How To Feel More Comfortable On Camera

How to feel more comfortable on camera!? I can be terrifying sometimes…

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I always get the questions “How to feel more comfortable on camera”. I know how scary it can be sometimes because I remember when I first got started. Watch this video for my 3 tips on how to feel more comfortable on camera. But just in case you dont have time to watch here is a quick summary below.

Wanting to start video marketing is great because it is one of the best ways to build an audience and get people to know who you are and your message.

Tip 1: Take the focus off of yourself – One great way to learn how to feel more comfortable on camera is to take the pressure off of yourself by focusing on your audience

Tip 2: Have a plan – When you follow a script or brief outline it can help you feel more comfortable on camera because your mind is not always constantly wandering around what to say and how to say it.

Tip 3: Be Yourself – As corny as that sounds that is one of the best ways to feel more comfortable on camera. Being camera shy can stem from not being confident in yourself and afraid people will reject you. Have confidence that people actually appreciate it when you are genuine and this can be a big win for you when trying to learn how to feel more comfortable on camera

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How to Be Comfortable on Camera
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