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The Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, or digital advertising, is a method of improving a company’s visibility and converting potential customers. Using the internet to target your audience allows you to control who sees your ads and engage them in multiple stages of the sales process. Traditional marketing has limited control over who sees your ads and can only measure a specific audience, such as the demographics of a certain neighborhood. This type of marketing, however, gives you the freedom to target an audience based on demographics and interests.

Traditional Marketing: Advertising through traditional methods such as print, television, and radio is still prevalent, but with the growth of the Internet, marketing tactics have changed. The use of websites, social media sites, search engines, and apps has transformed the way companies reach consumers. Digital Marketing incorporates customer feedback, two-way interaction, and real-time analytics. It also focuses on how the different channels work together. It is a multifaceted technique, and requires a well-developed understanding of the audiences that will be reaching them.

Digital Marketing: Today’s marketing strategies must be mobile-optimized. Many people now spend the majority of their time using mobile devices. Mobile devices are now responsible for 69% of digital media consumption in the U.S. and are the future of digital marketing. By optimizing for mobile devices, brands can engage their consumers and boost their conversions. For example, companies can use mobile apps to connect with customers and encourage them to buy their products. They can also send SMS messages to increase their visibility.

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