How To Create The Perfect Blog Post

Today I’m going to teach you how to create the perfect blog post.

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The first thing you need to do when you look at a blog post and especially if you want to create a perfect blog post, is it all starts with the title.

So ways that you can make your headline more appealing is you can use numbers, like lists. In addition to that, you want to keep your title short and to the point. When you do that, in general, you’re going to get more clicks.

Now they won’t always be short and to the point but we found is generally around seven words, a little bit less is great, not bad. If you have too many more, it’s overwhelming. And we found that that’s how you structure the ideal title.

Now when you scroll down, you’ll also notice that on my blog, I have a image at the top. A picture says a thousand words, you want to use a image because that’ll attract and draw people in.

Next you’ll notice, I always have a introduction. So with your blog posts, you want a structured introduction. Anytime that you mentioned stats and data from other websites, make sure that you link to them. It provides that social proof that you’re authority or expert.

Google has this EAT algorithm; expertise, authority, trust, technically is part of the algorithm. So they’re looking for people who showcase that, because if you showcase that you’re going to rank higher in the long run. Then what you’ll notice is as you scroll, you’ll notice subheadings.

The reason I do subheadings is you want to think about your blog posts as a book. You have the title of the book, which in this case, will be a title of the blog post and then you’ll have like chapter one, chapter two, chapter three.

And they’ll breakdown what they are and they may have titles for each section because it ends up breaking down to the reader, what they’re going to learn when they just skim through. And as you can see, as you skim through this blog post, you’ll see many different headings. Each heading is what the section is about and it allows someone to skim.

The next thing you’ll notice is different media formats. So you see images here, you’ll see video there. Sometimes in my post, I’ll also embed audio from podcasts but you want to use multiple media types to help describe and help convey your message because people consume information in different ways, whether it’s video, text, images, so you want to use different formats.

The next thing you’ll know that I do is I use ordered lists. Ordered lists help people skim and get the information much quicker. You don’t always have to label them as number one, two, three, four, you can also use bullets like I’m using here. That also allows people to get their information across quicker. Then what you’ll find is I also have a conclusion. Every post that I write, I always end up with a conclusion, I label it conclusion.

The reason I do conclusion is, what you’ll find is when people first land on your blog post, they’ll be at the top. A lot of people will scroll all the way down to your conclusion, read it and if they want to, if they enjoyed what they’re reading, they’ll scroll back up and read the rest of your blog post. You’ll also notice that my conclusion here, that I end the conclusion with a question and italicize it.

The reason I do that is, it helps encourage comments. As you can see here, a lot of comments, I respond to them, which is another important element because if people know you’re responding, they’re much more likely to come back and continually leave comments. Shows them that you care, that you engage.

And then last but not least, look Google isn’t only site out there. Social sites drive a lot of traffic. I have scrolling social share bands. This allows me to get more shares and more traffic.

So that’s it, if you follow those elements within your blog posts, you’ll be able to craft amazing blog posts that’ll do well. And people will read your content, they’ll share it.

And last but not least, if you can try to do this within your blog posts, try to use the words you or I, it helps create a conversational tone.

You can also italicize some words or bold some words.

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