How To Build An Email List FAST For Beginners | What To Do and Why

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Learning how to build an email list for your business is very important because an email list IS your business.

When I first got started in network marketing and online marketing I did not realize how important knowing how to build an email list would be for my success.

A blog and an email list are the only two things that you own in the internet world.

And there are several great factors for building an email list.

Learning how to build an email list will help you to position yourself in front of people who are you ideal buyers and business partners. This is how top earners in many companies are able to send out one email and get paid thousands of dollars for it.

Also, not only knowning how to build a email list but nurturing the relationships within it will begin to establish know, like and trust factor in your prospects. And if they know, like, and trust you…they will buy from you.

There are several different ways to building an email list but one of the most common and most effective ways is through the use of capture pages.

In the video above a give a few examples of what a capture page is and how powerful it can be when you are trying to learn how to build an email list.

By driving traffic of your target audience to your capture pages you will be able to collect the email addresses of these prospects and turn these cold leads into hot leads over time.

As you do this and stay consistent you can have a huge list, which you will be able to sell virtually anything on when you decide to.

If you want to learn more about how to build an email list or creating capture pages that work, I recommend this system that I use to help me do both!

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