How to Beat Your Competition in Blogging

Video is going to be the future. It’s much more interactive. You can do step by step. You still need to do text-based content, but now you have to do omni-channel. You have to do podcasts, video and text. You can’t just do one anymore. See blogging is much more competitive. There’s over a billion blogs. That’s roughly one blog for every seven people in this world. You need to do more than just create a blog. You need to do the video content. You need to do a bit of everything if you want to do well now.

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So with content, few things, one, write in a conversational tone, use you and I. Keep your paragraphs roughly five, six lines max. Use subheadings so it makes it easier to skim. Hook people into the introduction with a bold statement, and of course, a question, so they keep reading more. Wrap your conclusion up with the question to help increase engagement and comments, but following that should help.

Infographics is one of the best ways. If you create good images and infographics you can get a ton of back links over time naturally. I would highly recommend a lot more people creating.

Like if you were ranking on second page of Google for certain keyword, how you will make up to the first space in first third, three positions, what will be your strategy? How you’ll do and boost your ranking from second to first page.

So one, I would look at all the content for the people in the top 10 and try to look what differences their content versus mine, and make mine more thorough. I would use tools like Ubersuggest and put in the keyword that I’m ranking for and find all the long tail versions and put that in there as well.

Because that’s extra traffic that I could be getting, and then what I would do is use the link intersect tool from Atrius because you can see who links to people in the top 10, but not you, and then hit those people up and ask them to link to your page as well.

Page layout affects it very well, because if you don’t internal link, if it doesn’t load fast. Cross-linking is very important. Making sure the text is easy to read and people can get to it right away and digest the content. All that stuff impacts rankings cause if the users scores are bad, then you’re not going to do well.

You need to build links, but keep in mind, Google looks at so many more metrics now. I would focus on creating the best product. Like if you look at Ubersuggest the SEO tool. And it’s free. So think about it by building a good product. That tool has over 9,000 backlinks. So if you create good stuff, you’ll naturally get them. You don’t have to worry about penalties or building or any of that. Just focus on building really cool stuff.

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