How I Became the #1 Affiliate for Traffic Secrets (Affiliate Marketing EXACT Strategy Revealed)

Join me on my journey to becoming the #1 affiliate for Traffic Secrets with the exact marketing strategy revealed. What separates top affiliates from the rest? It all comes down to…. strategy. I had a whole plan laid out to win this contest way before the launch of the book. It’s all about beginning with the end in mind. In this video, I will be breaking it all down for you from the numbers, strategies, and process – everything that needed to happen in order for me to come in at #1. Subscribe now:

Three years ago, I won Russell Brunson’s affiliate contest for his previous book — Expert Secrets. This time for his third book, Traffic secrets – with all your help, I managed to do it again. Winning a contest is no piece of cake but with experience, I was able to strategize a fool proof plan but like most things in life, not everything will go according to plan. Despite the bumps along the road, total sales of $300,000 and $120,000+ affiliate commissions took me straight to #1. It was all thanks to you and to my 3-part marketing strategy. Watch this video now to become a top affiliate in your niche or market with this proven strategy.

As mentioned in the video, here’s the link to the Traffic Workshop held recently by Russell Brunson and I:


My Strategy to Winning the Traffic Secrets Affiliate Contest (How To Win Affiliate Contests)

Affiliate Marketing: Step By Step Tutorial That Makes 1K A Day (Make Money Online)

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What You Can Expect From A Good Productized Service Software

Productized services are simplified and also focus business advertising procedure right into an extra predictable version that is much easier to sell. The services are packaged as though they are much more like items which offer quickly. Most provider are productizing their services as a result of the various advantages they include including:

Content Was, Is, and Will Be the King

Every little thing as well as anything; be it branding, advertising or marketing; web content matters the a lot of. Right here’s why content was, is, as well as will always be the king. Even while trying to sell an item, attempt and also make the material noise not like a speech a sales person would certainly offer. Great material is a gift that goes on offering. And if you deliver it continually, it adds even more website traffic to your website. The keep period on the site, returning consumers, ads well as references; everything is based upon exactly how great the material is as well as has the power to grab and afterwards sustain the interest of the customer. Involving material leaves a specific impact, and that’s difficult to do away with, be it positive or adverse. If you desire the user to have authentic rate of interest and communicate with the brand, the content requires to make them feel comfortable. Try also tough to sell as well as the arrival will certainly back off. Make them brand name supporters as well as followers of your product by excellent content, continually. You can wow people into opening up the expensive plan as well as anticipating marvels.

*ENTIRE* Marketing College Course Condensed Into A Single Article – Product Vs Offer

College – and also most “advertising” education generally – commonly instructs you the 4 P’s of the “advertising mix” – Rate, Item, Promotion & Area. If you have an enthusiastic teacher, you may finish up with the 7 P’s. In any case, whilst these are a great way to describe the effects of existing marketing/products, they’re in fact a really poor representation of how to * develop * new items. The method to do this is to concentrate on both things that matter – “Item” + “Deal”.

Untold Benefits Of Investing In Promotional Gifts

Promo is not as very easy as it seems and also doing it appropriate is not a cinch in all. You need to assume something new every time to make your extremely initial and enduring impact on the customers. It is a clever type of promotion that aids you gain client commitment as well as their words for life.

Is Jesus the Greatest Viral Marketer?

Do you require social networks to spread your word virally? If you do not is Jesus the best viral online marketer?

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