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As I mentioned in the last lesson, today I’m going to be breaking down workflows and sequencing. This is what’s going to help you really drive revenue from all those emails that you’re collecting.

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And when you’re doing sequencing, you can do this through autoresponders, or you can do this through automation. And autoresponders, if you’re not familiar with it is, it’s a way to send someone emails based on what lists they signed up to. And you may have multiple lists, which I’ll also cover in this lesson.

And then there’s broadcast. A broadcast is when you’re just sending off like a one-off email that isn’t planned. You can schedule that as well, but broadcasts are usually meant for one-off emails. When you’re doing email marketing, you’ll learn the term campaigns as well, and you can stack your campaigns. That’s really the secret to get the maximum sales from your contacts.

As I mentioned earlier, when you’re sending out emails, you’re sending it out to a list. There’s multiple people that you can have on your list, and you can segment them. Segmenting really helps improve conversion rates, because if you don’t segment, you’re sending out the same email to everyone.

So let’s go through some of them. Some of those things are like when it comes to behavior, are they scrolling? Are they clicking? Have they watched a video? How long have they stayed on the email? Demographic stuff is based off of age, gender, ethnicity, income, level, position. While geographic of course is based on time zone, or country, or even state, or things like population density.

Now that we’ve covered segmentation, let’s dive right into journeys. So with journeys, it’s all about figuring out how you can appeal to them based on what segment that they’re in of your list.

If you’re selling a product or a digital product and they don’t fully complete the checkout process. And even after you sell them, it doesn’t stop there, you can get feedback on, do they like your product? Do they like your service? What’s your NPS score? Or if then if you have an event for all your customers, you can send that out as well and get them to attend your event. Or if you’re doing a promotion, like a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday, why not send out emails for them as well too? All these things really help.

And even if you do them all correctly, over time, you’ll see that a portion of the people on your list will stop buying from you. And for those, you need to do a re-engagement email and get them to keep coming back and then purchasing again.

And I have some journey templates for you that you can use and you can find them at neilpatel.com/training. Click on “eMail Marketing Unlocked”, week one, the second video lesson in there.

When you’re picking from the templates, I also recommend that, try to figure out how you can evoke curiosity. When subject lines evoke curiosity, like, I wish I would’ve seen this five years ago, it tends to get a lot of clicks. Don’t be click-baity and not actually deliver in the content. But as long as you deliver on the content, there shouldn’t be an issue. Or you can use scarcity subject lines, where you’re breaking down like, hey, this is your last chance at 75% off.

And if you want higher open rates, make sure you download the Higher Open-Rate Strategies Asset. And again, you can find this at NeilPatel.com/training, and click on “eMail Marketing Unlocked”, week one, lesson two in there.

And last but not least, if you are sending out emails, you want to focus on increasing your deliverability. When you keep sending emails to people who don’t want to open them, you need to remove them from your list, and that since you’re scrubbing them, and most email solutions have this functionality built in, like a ConvertKit, they call it Cold Subscribers.

And as long as you do this, what you’ll find is your open rates will stay strong, because if you keep sending emails to people who don’t want them, it’s going to cause most your emails to go into the spam box.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below, I’ll do my best answer it. Or you can email us at support@neilpatel.com. Appreciate everything. Like this video, share it if you like it. And again, thank you for taking the time to learn email marketing. And I really look forward to helping you get to 50,000 subscribers. Cheers.

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