Grant Cardone Takes Delivery of a 2020 Gulfstream G650ER

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Grant Cardone Takes Delivery of a 2020 Gulfstream G650ER –

The first time I ever flew on a private jet was when I was 52 years old, and it was my first jet. I don’t do these videos to show off, or brag about how much this or that cost. At one point in my life, I saw the dream and decided to attain it. This piece of equipment is a result of hard work, doing right by my customers, and dreaming big. I want to remind everyone, even you haters out there, that the dream is real, and it’s waiting for you.

Post in comments what you love about the jet, what you hate about it, and what you would do if this were yours… And if you just hating… Then please post it in the comments.

For all the haters out there… Keep hating…

Be Great, Nothing Else Pays
– GC

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