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How to Use New Marketing Tools to Increase Your Reach

While the traditional elements of marketing are still important in today’s world, marketers can take advantage of new tools to reach their target audience. For example, mobile marketing reaches consumers through text messages, email, and websites and apps. Content marketing uses storytelling and information sharing to create brand awareness. Online advertisers can track data to learn more about visitors’ interests, behavior, and purchasing habits. This information will allow online advertisers to make ad campaigns more effective in the future.

Investing in video content is a great way to promote a brand. There are many ways to produce videos that can increase your reach. Some examples include explainer videos, mashups of video types, and sales videos. These videos can also include testimonials, social proof, and infographics. Use the Facebook transparency tool to see what other companies are doing with video.

Another way to increase your reach is to use social media advertising. You can choose to pay for ads based on cost per conversion, cost per engagement, or cost per fan acquisition. However, be sure to include a call-to-action in your message.

Search advertising is another strategy for reaching a targeted audience. Search engines display paid ads as highlighted search results. To achieve good relevancy, you need to include the right keywords, content, and imagery. Make sure your image looks good, and your text is not misleading.

Email marketing can be a very effective method for reaching a wide range of consumers. Emails can be sent with the recipient’s consent or unsolicited. Marketers can tailor the content to a specific geographic location, time of day, or even a special offer.

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