Generate 6 Months’ Worth of Content in 3 Days (Content Strategy 2022)

Generate six months worth of content in three days. That’s what I’m going to teach you right now. I’m probably one of the oldest content marketing players when it comes to blogging. Out of all the companies I’ve built, and I’ve grown them to being worth millions of dollars, some of the companies I’ve even generated nine figures in revenue a year from, it’s all happened through content marketing. Getting traffic and I mean, tons of organic traffic. But I’m not here to talk about traffic, because that’s in the past and you know what? You need to build that up and I want to show you how to do that by getting all these ideas. And I’m here to talk about how you can do that today and apply it to your own website. So let’s dive into the hacks that I use to generate all my content ideas.


Hack number one, capitalize on your website strength. So what I want you to do is if you already haven’t installed Google Search Console, do that today. The moment you install Google Search Console, you can start seeing data on keywords for which keywords are already getting you impressions. Maybe not clicks but impressions. Those are keywords that you should start targeting and creating content topics around. That’ll give you boatloads of ideas, literally dozens if not hundreds.

Two, go to the performance and search results within Google Search Consoles. Under queries, you’ll start seeing all the keywords that are generating the impressions. I want you to save these keywords in a list and start using them to find new ideas. Your goal is to focus on keywords that are ranking higher first and then work through the keywords that aren’t ranking as high later on.

Hack number two, multiply your keywords using Ubersuggest. So let’s say you looked at Google Search Console and you identified keywords that are on page two, or page three, or even page five. I want you to take those keywords, put them in Ubersuggest it’ll find you all the related keywords.

Next, I’ll click on the SEO difficulty column and sort these keyword ideas from lowest to highest SEO difficulty. This is all the keywords that are easy to rank broken down into the hardest ones to rank. You want to target the ones that are the easiest to rank. This will show me the keywords related to branding that are at the least competitive to rank.

I’ll then select the keywords related to my business in which we offer in terms of expertise because not all keywords are, and then I will then bring those over and start creating content around them. Some of them will send to my team to integrate those keywords into existing posts. Some of them all create content for new posts. That’s how I come up with all my ideas.

Hack number three, I want you to also find questions that people are asking for. See, you’re still on Ubersuggest. In the keyword ideas report, there’s a Questions tab. It’ll tell you all the questions that people are asking and they’re searching for on Google.

And you’ll want to do this for the low volume search terms that you know would convert really well to customers as well as the high volume search terms.

Hack number four, group keywords into themes. Now that you’re writing content, you don’t want to create all this content just for each individual keyword. Some content pieces can cover literally not just five or 10 of these keywords but hundreds.

Hack number five, find title ideas. Now, what I want you to do is go to They’ll help you generate blog titles. You’ll find a blog title generator and all you have to do is put in keywords and their artificial intelligence will help you generate some of those ideas and titles.

If you follow that, you’ll have six months worth of content in just a matter of days. And start with the lowest hanging fruit first. I want you to create content around the keywords that have a lot of traffic, have a high CPC. Ubersuggest will show you that. That’s a cost per click, which means that those keywords convert into customers more and aren’t competitive. Start with those first and then work your way down to the hardest ones.

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How Does Digital Marketing Work?

Digital Marketing is the process of reaching consumers with promotional messages over the internet, including social media, mobile devices, and search engines. Some marketing experts consider this a new venture, as it requires a different understanding of customer behavior. Examples of digital marketing include email, social media, text messages, and multimedia messages. Marketing through digital media also allows for geographic and time-specific targeting. For example, if a customer is visiting the mall during the holidays, they will receive different messages.

Another example of a new form of digital marketing is video advertising. This type of advertising plays on online videos. Over time, online video advertisements have become very popular. Online video advertisements generally fall into three types: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. Pre-roll advertisements play before a video is viewed, mid-roll advertisements run during the video, and post-roll advertisements play after. Post-roll advertisements have the highest brand recognition, although pre-roll ads may be less effective. A major part of memorability is ad-context congruity and incongruity. People tend to pay attention to what interests them, and a brand may not be immediately associated with what they’re looking for.

The rise of the Internet revolutionized the promotional landscape. Customers began to shop online before talking to a salesperson. In fact, a survey conducted in the United Kingdom in 2000 suggested that marketers integrate digital technology into market development. Nowadays, marketers use various digital techniques to increase brand awareness. They also use social media platforms to reach consumers and increase the likelihood of converting them into customers. Marketing is one of the most effective forms of communication in the world. So, how does it work?

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