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Sometimes we say the problem is that we “don’t know,” but the real problem is that you’re scared. In 2023, I want you to take a look in the mirror, get real honest about what’s holding you back from executing, and realize that it’s nothing but noise inside your head. And then go out there and do it.

The Different Types of Marketing

Marketing is the process of promoting, selling and delivering goods or services to consumers. In business, marketing includes product development, packaging, pricing, distribution and customer service.

Online Marketing

Internet marketing involves using the Internet to promote and sell products or services. It includes web sites, email and social media.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves using computers, mobile devices and apps to market products or services. It can include online video, display ads, search engine marketing and paid social media ads.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be done through online ads, such as Google Adwords or Facebook ads, or through offline ads, like newspaper or magazine ads. Depending on the budget and goals of your company, paid advertising can help increase brand awareness and generate sales.

LinkedIn and other social networking platforms can also be used to market products or services to potential customers. Find out where your target audience spends their time and focus your marketing efforts there.

Facebook and Instagram are popular social media platforms for older consumers, while younger people often use video sites such as TikTok and YouTube. This type of marketing allows you to connect with your consumers on a personal level, while creating a sense of community around your brand.

Content Marketing

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, content marketing is an approach to attracting and retaining customers by creating valuable, relevant and consistent content. It can include blogs, websites and email newsletters. The main goal of content marketing is to engage your audience and convert them into brand ambassadors.

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