Effective Growth Hacking Tips to Increase Your Traffic

I’m getting super creative on how I do growth and I always have been. It’s just the way my mind works. So I still have a very much growth hacking mentality, even in my personal life, right? Where when I’m dealing with my daughter, how can I end up getting her to do what I want, instead of crying, quicker and easier.

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So I look for shortcuts or ways to get what I’m looking for quicker and easier, and they may not all be conventional. For example, this year we’ll release SEO automation in Ubersuggest and we’ll release email marketing in Ubersuggest, where you can do all email. And I’ll give you the example of email marketing, email marketing in Ubersuggest will be a hundred percent free, unlimited contacts, unlimited sends. Whether you send 10 emails a month, or a million emails a month, it’ll be a hundred percent free.

So like I look at it as, to me, that’s a better creative way to grow. For example, did you know MailChimp sometimes, for their CPC, pays up to $50 a click on Google? And you’re getting a click, it doesn’t mean that you get a sign up. So how many clicks you can get to a sign up? And a sign up for MailChimp is a free sign up, and then, eventually, someone can pay, right? And I’m like, wait, it’s just cheaper if I just give it all away for free. To me, that’s the example of growth hacking.

We’re even doing something in Ubersuggest which will be, there’s some people who want the premium features that can’t afford it, so we’re going to do something where it says you can invite X amount of people and you can get a free month of Ubersuggest, but that’s been done, right? That’s an example of growth hacking.

I’m going to get even a little bit more creative, where I’m going to do something where it says if you invite X amount of people, you can get a free month or you can keep inviting, and if you hit a certain number of invites, I’ll give you a SEO site audit, where my team will do the audit for you, or we’ll write a blog post, or we’ll do manual outreach and we’ll try to build you links, right? Why can’t I actually give them more tangible stuff that’s much more value?

Have a free month of Ubersuggest, or would you rather have someone write a good blog post for you? You would probably take the blog post, right? because that costs real money.

So I’m getting super creative on how I do growth and I always have been. It’s just the way my mind works.

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