Don’t Build Backlinks This Year – Do This Instead

Did you know that building backlinks doesn’t guarantee that your rankings are going to go up? Today I’m going to break down why you should not build backlinks this year and instead you should do this.



There’s nothing wrong with building backlinks. And I don’t think everyone should stop building backlinks, but if you’re strapped for cash and time, there’s something else that you can do that can help you in the short run, especially if you’re budget strapped.

And even if you are building links, you should never pay for them. When it comes to a pay for play, you can pay people to help you with outreach and get them naturally, but you shouldn’t pay for them. Depending on the niche and the location of your business, you know, for smaller newer websites, it takes a lot of time for link building to really make an impact and work.

You can really do well in the early days without building tons of links or building, you know, just a few of them and getting them gradually over time. Especially if you’re going after niches that aren’t that competitive.

Instead of doing link building, I want you to commit to writing one high quality piece of content per week for at least, you know, a few months. If you do that for a few months, what you’ll find is you can slowly start getting rankings quicker. And here’s how you do that. When you write content you’re doing it based off of specific keywords and take those keywords and put them in Ubersuggest. And in Ubersuggest on the left hand navigation click on keyword ideas and there you’ll have a button that says page one ranking potential. If you click on that button, put it in your URL, it’ll break down all the keywords that you can rank for.

Now what I want you to do is write content on all these keywords that are relevant to your business. You take those keywords and you create a blog article on them. Now some of those keywords don’t fit well together. What, for the ones that don’t want to fit well together, you write separate articles around them and ideally they should be around the same topic.

The point that I’m trying to make is if you focus your time, instead of doing link building, especially in the early days and you write content, you’re going to be better off. See, because when you go out there and you try to build links and you don’t have much, especially if you have a new site or your site doesn’t have much that’s of value and I’m not trying to knock it.

But on the flip side, if you spent your time writing content that you could potentially rank for, you’re going to be better off. And using this flow on Ubersuggest when you’re doing keyword research, what you will find is some keywords like credit cards are super competitive.

It’s really hard to rank for, even terms like auto insurance. But on the flip side that, you know what you can potentially rank on page one for, that button, analyze your site, your on page SEO, your backlinks, your history, and it takes all that into account.

Take those keywords, do a search for them on Google. I want you to look at all the people in the top 10, what are they doing so amazing? What are they missing? What could they be doing better? What are they including that you have to include? That’ll give you idea of how to write better content.

You also need to go to page four, five, six of Google and look at the pages that are ranking. What are they not doing that the ones that are on page one are doing? That’ll help make it in concrete on what you should be doing. And that’ll give you better ideas of hey, here’s what I need to write to beat the other people who are ranking. Because it’s not just about backlinks.

All you care for an end user is, hey, I did a search. did a click, did it give me the solution to my search query or my problem as quick as possible in the most efficient way? If it did, you’re happy. If not, you click the back button, you go to the next result.

You want to optimize for that when you’re writing your content. Put the user first. And if you do that, and then you start building links later on, right? But you create the content first. You’re going to start ranking better and getting more traffic. That’s why I want you to do this instead of build links, because it’ll help create a really solid foundation. So when you do get more links, you can start writing content on more competitive terms, and you’ll do even better.

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