Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

CPCs, and you know, cost for impressions decreasing drastically right now. I don’t know if you guys see that, but we see that. We also see conversion rates decreasing.

What are the MAJOR changes in SEO for 2021?:

7 SEO Experiments to Test in 2021:


I’m making a number up just to keep the numbers simple for everyone. But if your conversions dip by 20%, but your CPCs dip by 40 or not by 40, but by four X, so 400%, you still make more money.

Stealing toilet paper, your CPCs aren’t going down. Your CPCs may not be going down, but your CPA’s are going down because everyone’s buying. You’re selling travel, your CPCs are really plummeted, but your CPA is even worse than your CPC, so it doesn’t even matter, right?

Obviously, whether the people are looking for new recipes, off of say, like a download bar or something or food delivery apps that are absolutely smashing it right now. But everything else is majority down. Most verticals outside of that, besides health, which I saw it on your graph, had a little bit of it or has an increase. Almost everything.

A lot of the brands are the ones who are having a slashed budget, so we’re seeing a lot of offers go down too. So with that being said, more than not this time in particular, brands are what people should be focusing on building over anything else. It should be brand-focused first because they can be that takeover, that bleach over, hand sanitizer, a keyword, or whether it’s a Facebook like, you know, avoiding FTC, looking for brands that they can rely on.

And this is a great time to focus on building a brand, but it’s just a terrible time in general. It doesn’t mean you can’t start a business or come out fine. It’s just that times are tough right now.

Cut fat. I know that sounds bad, but sometimes you have to cut to stay in business or furlough. Try to avoid that. But you can apply for the government loans and grants in different countries, so that way you can retain people.

The second thing would be offer additional services to make up any revenue loss.

The third thing would be is get creative and start thinking out of the box. People can’t pay you. Maybe they even pay you on a performance basis. So start trying different things just to get your income going. And focusing a lot on the back end for your clients as much as possible as well.

It’s an unprecedented times for sure. And every day, we’re learning things new. And we don’t have to go into it too much, but, you know, returning the economy back to normal is one thing. Is the cure worth it? It’s this ongoing conversation. No easy decision.

You’re going to have a lot of people come online. They were online anyway, but now they’re making more purchases online. They’re realizing how convenient it is. because they didn’t just have to do it for a week. It’s been so far a month, and then it’ll take roughly another month or two. So they’re getting used to it. You’re going to see a lot of these people continue with that trend.

You can get up and running through click funnels. Just run some ads through Facebook, and you can crush it. Create good courses and products. But you can do really well, especially right now, with CPCs being so low.

– Yeah, I mean, to that point, make good products everyone. There’s so much noise out there. Everyone’s selling a course. Be different. Be bold. Do something that actually provides value. I think the industry can get a bit of a bad rep with all these courses out there, but provide that unique advantage. Something that you can only share is much appreciated for everyone in this industry and those clients that are purchasing it as well.

This is the time. People are shifting online to learn. People are looking for additional income revenues generated for themselves. So this is the time. If you have something to share, if it’s unique, definitely go online and do it.

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