Billionaire Grant Cardone Challenges Financial Advice to 50 Years of Age and Over

Billionaire Challenges Financial Advice giving to Seniors
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Over 50 years of age worried about finances or you have been displace or worried about the affects of inflation or the vaccine on your income. Worried about leaving money in the bank?
This is must watch video….

Billionaire Grant Cardone gives advice to seniors of what he would do if he was 50 years of age and how he would restructure his finances. #IRA #Keough #homeEquity #retirement #transition #health are all talked about in this 14 minute video.

Cardone talks about how he went from almost being broke to turning his financial life from a millions to billions.

Cardone also offered to his book The 10X Rule and How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate at the link

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Not long ago, I had the opportunity to go to a local museum. It wasn’t a huge museum, yet it had actually relocated right into a larger location and the charges for checking out the exhibitions were instead low; only 5 dollars per person. However, judging by the sign in sheet and guestbook they were not batting a 1,000. Myself and another individual (my visitor) happened to be the only 2 people who had actually attended the gallery that day. I counted 4 people on personnel, and also one curator. Undoubtedly they can’t run that place for $10 a day.

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