Auditing Your Website’s SEO For Rankings (BEYOND Just Technical Fixes)

There is more to SEO than just on page factors. Today, I’m going to break down how to audit your website’s SEO for rankings beyond just technical fixes.

Hello Bar:

Most SEO audits are focused on technical fixes. While these are important, they’re just not strategically aimed at improving rankings for specific keywords. You want to use a traffic analyst or an Ubersuggest, and more specifically, the keywords by traffic report. This will end up showing you the keywords that are sitting on pages two and three.

If the keywords you’re ranking on those pages are directly related to the main topic of the page, then what I want you to do is add additional H2 subheading including that keyword within that page, and I want you to write a few paragraphs talking about the main keywords around that topic that rank on page one for this keyword that they’re writing about. And include rich content like images, stats, and video, and then check your rankings for the secondary keywords in a month and keep iterating gradually until you find a sweet spot.

If those keywords are directly related to the main topic of your page, then I want you to create a new content piece, look into the top rank pages for that keyword, and then figure out the topics that you should be writing about, the length of those content pieces, which other forms of rich content you should add, such as images, infographics, videos, and stats.

So once you optimize your headline with the keywords, what we like doing when we’re writing the content, we like actually taking that same concept of creating powerful headlines and doing that with our subheadings, because if you can keep people engaged within your content through your subheadings, using storytelling as well to keep people engaged, and then putting customized images within your article using tools like Canva, which you can do for free, what you’ll find is you’ll get more and more people engaging with your page and linking to them, and especially, if some of the images that you include have stats and data and your company logo on there, people will start embedding them onto their website and linking back to you.

We found that that helps so much when you’re creating content around new articles that your competitors rank for that you’re not really going after yet.

Another thing that takes a lot of time, but it’s super effective, is actually just go and see, “All right, what are all the other articles around the web related to this article?” Let me go to or put .com/search, and put in that URL and see who tweeted out. Go build relationships with those people, so then as you’re building relationship with those people, you want to hit them up. “Hey John, I noticed that you shared this article by Eric, and I actually have a similar article that just came out that covers A, B, and C that his didn’t. Check it out, and if you like it, feel free to share it with your audience, cheers, Neil. P.S. If I can share any of your content, let me know, I’d love to share it.” And what you’ll find is even if you don’t have a lot of followers, people are flattered, they want to build relationships, because keep in mind, these are social networks, they’re not islands where can people stand off by themselves.

As long as you’re willing to reciprocate, you’ll get so many people sharing your content, that sole shares will bring in more traffic, some of those people may link to you, subscribe to your email newsletter list, and then you can keep blasting them up.

And the thing that people don’t talk about with SEO, which is one of the most important factors, everyone talks about content creation. If you’re going to leverage a strategy and do better than your competition, you need to create lead magnets, so you can use tools like Hello Bar, create an offer like a free e-book, or lead quizzes and critic quiz, collect emails, and then you email people every time you have a blog post. If you don’t do this, you won’t get as much traction.

Now, if you produce more than a few posts a week, you don’t want to email them every single day, because that’s just going to be overwhelming, but just pick your best ones and email them, because this will create more traction and most social shares as well. So if you follow this, you’re going to rank better and start beating your competition.

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