Advice Every Online Business Owner Should’ve Heard Before Starting SEO

SEO’s great, but before you really invest a lot into it, there’s something you should know. Today I’m going to break up advice every online business owner should hear before starting SEO. Look, SEO’s long-term. You need other traffic sources to make money before you succeed with SEO.


Now, let’s go over what you need to generate sales now, which will make you cash so you can then take that cash and invest in SEO. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start doing SEO right now because in the future, is one of the highest ROI marketing channels out there. But still you need to start doing stuff right now to generate those sales because you can’t wait six months, or a year, or two years depending on the keywords you’re going after to really get the results.

First, you need to learn how to convert visitors into buyers. If you can’t convert visitors into buyers, then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get. And if you can’t get your conversion rate high enough, the economics won’t work out, especially with paid advertising because the costs are continually rising, especially after COVID.

You don’t really need a billion dollars for engineering when you’re a startup, but you do need it to scale your sales and marketing. And you need to have a conversion funnel with upsells and downsells. That’s how you get the most out of your revenue. The upsells and downsells, the key with that is speed and automation. And as long as you’re producing results, people gladly take you off those upsells and downsells.

Second thing that you need to know. Search engines give older websites more authority and more placement. Now there’s no guarantee that if you’re older website, you have more authority in your website because you could be a brand new hot website that every wants a link to it talk about, but that’s usually not the case.

Typically the older sites have much more authority. And no matter how much money you have, you can’t easily buy that age. You just have to be patient. And that’s the thing with SEO. It is super effective. The ROI is massive and that’s why we have one of the fastest 500 growing companies according to “E Magazine”, because SEO works for customers and our results are proven.

Third don’t take short-term gains for long-term losses.So doing what’s best for your customers wins in the long run.

Fourth, create a better mouse trap, as marketing is becoming too expensive. Look, I’m a marketer and I’m telling you, it’s just going to keep going up and up. So you’ve got to figure out a better mouse trap.

And you can do some things that are very similar to sites like CodeCanyon that can help you put tools on your website, which can help you get traffic and you’d give away stuff for free, and you can buy some of these tools for 10, 20, 30, $40. They’re not going to be as good as what Zillow did or what I did, but it’s a start. And then over time you can invest more money to making it better.

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