A Realistic Approach to SEO For Busy Solo Entrepreneurs

SEO’s tough and usually requires a big team. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to do SEO, when you’re a solo entrepreneur? Look, there is. Today I’m going to break down a realistic approach to SEO for busy solo entrepreneurs.

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If you don’t have a big team or any team for that matter of fact, I want you to focus just on two things.

Number one, optimizing existing content and number two, creating new content. So let’s go over optimizing existing content first. First, use the Google search console. Google search console will show you, Hey, what content is getting impressions and which content is getting clicks and also shows your click-through rate.

And I want you to improve your click-through rate and the way you end up doing that is look at the keywords that are sitting on page two. Are those keywords in your title tag? Are they within your meta description? Is your title tag and meta-description, you know, very relevant from an appealing perspective. Think of copywriting.

The next thing I like doing is putting in the keywords that you’re seeing in Google search console within to those pages as well. So now that you just put them in your title tag and meta description, also put them within the content.

Second use Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest has a rank tracking feature that you can get started for free and you can see which ones of your keywords are getting more traction and less traction over time. It’ll tell you which keywords are getting more traction on mobile or even desktop device, or even in certain regions.

Another feature I want you to use in Ubersuggest is a content ideas report. This shows you all the other people that have content around similar keywords, like your competitors, and really make sure you there are social shares and the backlinks and the headlines that they’re using.

Third, use Google analytics. I want you to improve your dwell time. I want you to identify the content pieces that are underperforming and consolidate them with the pages that are doing well on the same topic.

Now let’s go over creating new content. First, let’s find keyword opportunities that you can rank for. Go to Ubersuggest, use a keyword ideas report, you can find in the left-hand navigation, and type in keywords related to your space.

Then I want you to go to the competitive analysis report in Ubersuggest. This is where you can put it in a competitor URL. It’ll show you their top pages by traffic show you the social shares for those pages and it’ll even show you all the keywords that the competitor’s page ranks for.

And then you can go over to their site and look at that page and be like, whoa, this is the content that they have. I can create something way better than this.

Second, let’s analyze your competitors for new keywords you want to target. You’ll see a report within Ubersuggest in the competitive analysis that just shows you all the keywords your competitors rank for.

The next feature in Ubersuggest you should check out is the SERP analysis within the keyword ideas report. And this will give you an idea of, Hey, this is how I create content that covers the whole topic.

Now that we’re going away from Ubersuggest what I want you to also focus on is writing content that is at least 50% better than everyone else who’s ranking for that keyword.

Now last but not least, I want to wrap up this video by covering a few other things that you should know. On-page SEO will produce better outcomes if you’re managing an older website. In the early days, you could pretty much solve your on-page SEO by just decreasing your load time.

And as you create new content, you want to work on your title tags, meta-description tags, heading tags, which just helps you rank. You want to have a site map.

And make sure that your robots are at TXT or your meta-tags, you’re not blocking any of the major crawlers or any pages that you shouldn’t be blocking.

And when it comes to creating content, you should be spending two to eight hours per week, depending on how competitive your niche is and how amazing your content needs to be in order to outperform your competition.

If your site’s really big, you could actually spend a lot of time on on-page SEO and it could be a daily thing. You may have people full-time focused on it.

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