7 Tips to Work 10x Faster in SEO: More Traffic Spending Less Time

Your competition isn’t just doing SEO, they have a team helping them out. So how do you compete with them when you don’t have a team? Well, don’t worry, I’m going to help you out here. Today I’m going to break down seven tips to work 10x faster in SEO, drive more traffic and spend less time doing so.


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On a side note, funny enough as I’m recording this video, someone tells me I do a lot of hand gestures, I didn’t know that until now. So if you think I do a lot of hand gestures, leave a comment below telling me if you think I do a lot of hand gestures, and hopefully I’ll try to tone it down a little bit. So, let’s first get started, and let’s start off with technical SEO.

Tip one, only do a few hours per month, or a few hours per week if your website’s big.

Tip two, focus on site speed, this is something that can make or break your SEO performance. Think about it, there’s 5G, people like me are a little bit too frugal, so I won’t pay for 5G. My phone is still on 4G, or LTE, or whatever it’s called, but there’s a lot of people even if you’re on 5G, you’re in an area that doesn’t get 5G reception.

So tip three, and this is the first one for content creation. I want you to create content around areas that you’re already getting some results in. If Google likes your site for certain topics and your business is related to those topics, do more of that versus going after other topics that are also related to your business that Google’s not giving you any traction on, right? One gets you results quicker, the other one not so much. And once you get the results by doing the first group, you can then eventually go up to the second group.

Now, let’s go after internal linking, and let’s go to the first tip of that which is tip four. The same thing with prioritizing my content applies here, you need to work on reinforcing keywords around topics that you’re already getting some traction on. You’ll look at your existing pages and look for parts of your content that you can go ahead and add internal links to, to other relevant pieces of content for.

If you go and put it in your URL to Ubersuggest, go and check out the Top Pages report. If you haven’t checked out the Top Pages report, make sure you go and do it now, it’s my favorite feature in Ubersuggest. It’ll tell you your top pages, so you’ll know which ones to interlink more to, and you would take the most popular pages and link them to the ones that aren’t as popular when it’s relevant to help juice them up.

The next category I want to discuss is competitive research, and this brings me to tip five. Try and find keywords that smaller websites are ranking for, especially when you don’t have a huge website with a high domain authority and lots of backlinks. Keywords that smaller websites rank for are typically easier for you to rank for as well. Use the Traffic Analyzer on Ubersuggest to see what those keywords are for your competitor so you know to go after them.

Now, I want you to also think about link building, which is the next section, and that brings me to tip six. Much like with competitive research, the best opportunities will be probably found by reverse engineering the competitors that aren’t too big.

Look, your big competitors, what they’re doing, doesn’t always work for you. What works for Wikipedia, isn’t going to work for me. If I want to start writing on elephants, no one’s really going to read into it. But, if you start focusing down on what’s working on the smaller websites, chances are it’ll work for you too.

And tip seven, look for backlink opportunities using the Backlink Opportunity report in Ubersuggest. See, if someone’s willing to link to not just one, not just two, but three plus of your competitors, the chances are they’re willing to link to you too.

So then, the Backlink Opportunity report shows you everyone who links to your competitors, that doesn’t link to you, you start reaching out to those sites and they’re more likely to link back out to you. Sure, you still got to email them, not everyone’s going to respond, but you’ll have a much higher success rate.

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