7 Social Media Content Ideas That’ll Attract Likes, Organic Reach, and Engagement

Struggling to get likes? Well, you’re not alone. Luckily for you, there’s a solution for that. Actually seven solutions, oh, one too many fingers, seven solutions. Today I’m going to break down seven social media content ideas that will attract likes, organic reach and engagement.

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I could give you many reasons why, but it’ll help me out and I’ll love you to death for it. If you’re looking to generate traffic through social media, I have another video that talks about free tools that can help you achieve it. So if you’re on YouTube, you’ll see the link, check it out. If you’re not on YouTube, go there.

So today we’re going to be focusing on like, reach, and overall engagement.

The first strategy I have for you is break down technical topics into image carousels.

The second tactic, how to video tutorials. Just like with image carousels, start how do video tutorials.

Third tip I have for you, is it this or that poll. This is almost engagement bait because it generates lots of engagement.

Now, I don’t recommend you getting political with your polls, but I do recommend that you keep them related to your business and this will help you get more social media followers.

Next, team up with other content creators. This is probably one of the oldest in the book, right? Oldest tricks. Yet, very few people leverage them.

If you’re trying to figure out what the best way to partner up with someone is, typically it’s by going live on any of these social networks and you guys both go live together and you promote it to both your audiences.So if you can start going live, you could potentially draw more eyeballs because their algorithms want to promote it more.

The next idea I have for you is curated lists. Whether it’s on resources or tools, they work really, really well.

The last strategy I have for you is infographics and data visualization carousels. It’s kind of like this first one that we talked about, but it’s breaking down complex information in a simple, easy to understand visual.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 – Video: Free Tools You Can Use To Generate Traffic, Trough Social Media
00:56 – Strategy 1: Breaking Down Technical Topics Into Image Carousels.
01:57 – Strategy 2: How To-Video Tutorials Can Get Tons Of Engagement
02:53 – Strategy 3: “This or That” Polls
04:00 – Strategy 4: Team Up With Other Content Creators
05:00 – Strategy 5: Go Live On Your Social Media
06:00 – Strategy 6:Curated List ( List Of Tools, Resources, Etc )
06:43 – Strategy 7: Infographic & Data Visualization Carousels.

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