7 Landing Page Hacks That’ll Double Your Sales – Part 1

I thought I would do something that’s a bit more interesting today. Now, quick question. Is the clock a presentation or Q & A included? Either way I think it’s just the presentation, all right.

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So, today I wanted to do something a bit interesting. But what I wanted to do is how many of you guys are here are affiliates? Good amount of you. How many of you guys here are companies with offers? And I’m assuming some of you affiliates once you guys get big enough you guys create your own on offers correct?

So I wanted to do something fun in which we take a look at landing pages that you guys are familiar with and I criticize them. Because if these are the landing pages that you guys are driving traffic to whether you are creating your own offers or you’re driving traffic to other people’s offers you can then end up giving them these tips to boost the conversions.

Because if the landing pages convert better what does that mean? You make more money. And I know you affiliates love that money probably more than anyone else I know.

Every time I go to affiliate conferences everyone’s like how do I make $ 20,000 a day or 20,000 a month? Then they get there they’re like, I want to make 20,000 a day. They got there they’re like, I need $ 100,000 a day. It’s never ending.

I was just had another affiliate event and then they asked once they got there, they’re like how do I save the money and not pay taxes? Then everyone’s like moves to Puerto Rico all right. You guys don’t have to do that. Just focus on landing page optimization.

Almost all of you affiliates are trying to get people to buy by buying. You’re just like, oh no, I school. I’ll just scale up. You know, more counts, get them burned and I’ll just spend thousands of dollars a day. Yeah. You can do that but why not get people to engage first?

So here’s some quick headline rules. Numbers and negative words increase click through rate and reads.

Make your headlines match the content if it’s deceiving you’re going to get a big fall off from the purchase.

Odd numbers perform better than even. Don’t ask me why, but from everything we’ve tested we’ve seen that.

Six word headlines convert extremely well and avoid words with multiple meanings and of course use powers and adjectives.

You also want to make sure you’re writing in our conversational tone.

You also want to make sure your mobile landing pages are AMP friendly.

Asking them simple questions will help you understand what objections they have and then making your copy answering each of their objections because you guys drive so much traffic.

That’s the best way to boost your sales.

I’ve also found that when you get them to engage first less of your accounts get burned. That’ll save you quite a bit of money if you guys are buying accounts.

And when I met traffic, didn’t go up in much when you have a million plus visitors that you’re driving or you’re getting you’re not going to notice the big traffic increase but the people who come from this they do extremely well when it comes to conversion from visitor to a purchaser.

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