5 Facebook Live Tips To Get More Followers!

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In this video I go over some basic Facebook live tips to help you grow your followers on Facebook. Why is Facebook live so important to use when trying to grow an audience online?

Facebook has over 1 billion users, and they are really pushing hard to promote individuals who do Facebook lives more. Facebook live can be a helpful strategy because many people are visual and will be able to relate to someone else much better and faster when they see them through video.

With these Facebook live tips you will be able to reap all of the benefits of video marketing, because Facebook Live is a quick way for people to know, like, and trust you. These three factors are crucial if you want people to buy from you.

Placing more emphasis on Facebook live videos is also a way for Facebook to encourage people to create fresh content. This means plenty of more engagement and reach with your potential audience.

So here are 3 Facebook live tips you can follow and implement to help you get more followers:

1:54 Facebook LIve Tip #1: Announce when you are about to go live
2:04 Facebook LIve Tip #2: Prepare before going live
2:40 Facebook Live Tip #3: Add hashtags to description of video
3:15 Facebook LIve Tip #4: Give Shoutouts
3:27 Facebook LIve Tip #5: Check Analytics

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